À Does Not Equal À, A Unicode Story

I apologize for the delay to my monthly postings. January was a busy month and I needed a break to focus on work and home. I had hoped my first post regarding Unicode would also be my last. Unicode and its many flavors tends to be a distracting annoyance while developing analytics. Our applications usually … Continue reading À Does Not Equal À, A Unicode Story


Courier of Information

I got a call from the 1990s a few months ago asking for their font back. I declined and explained that just because something is old, does not mean it cannot still be good. Sometimes, things created long ago have a unique value that endears them to be used even today. Not everything has a … Continue reading Courier of Information

Danger! Unexploded Data

Software applications commonly make use of tree structures to arrange items in a hierarchical manner. File systems, database indexes, bills of material, HR organizational data, etc are all usually structured in a tree format. The persisted data that represents these structures are often stored in a dictionary of parent/child relationships, looking something like this: If … Continue reading Danger! Unexploded Data