When I graduated from college in 2010 with degrees in Finance, Accounting, and Economics, I imagined my career following a normal accounting or finance track.  The final goal was, of course, earning the vaunted title of ‘CFO’.  However, almost immediately, I was thrown into a world which I had not prepared for and was unaware of: data analysis.  About six months into my career I discovered the fourth love of my life, ACL Analytics, though I did not know it at the time.  It wasn’t until I worked on an audit with a colleague and friend, Evaldas Jazbutis, that the light bulb clicked.  The logic of data analysis gives a clarity to the world around us which is seldom seen in other business disciplines.  I had found something that, intrinsically, meshed almost perfectly with the way I think.  And I had found a tool which was powerful enough to become an extension of my own mind and allow me to be as expressive as possible in this new way of thinking.

So now I create data analytics for a living.  This blog will serve as a dumping ground for my thoughts and experiences as they relate to the field of data analysis, and in particular the type of data analysis performed by internal and external audit teams.  While most of the topics will revolve around my tool of preference, ACL, there may be the occasional topic that deals with other tools or languages.  I quite enjoy the technical aspects of computing, so my intention is to focus on technical details and good programming practices.  I see this as a need to be filled in the audit analytic world.  There are many blogs and information sources containing ideas, but very few touching on the technical implementation of those ideas.


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