The shifting sands of time

Life is a funny thing, impossible to predict and full of unexpected journies and places. As some of you may already know, I accepted employment with a new company in September of last year and moved myself and my family from Wisconsin to North Carolina. It was one of the most exciting and bittersweet moves … Continue reading The shifting sands of time


Is my code still working?

A while back I was introduced to the concept of test-driven development by my brother-in-law. Test driven development means writing tests for your code before you actually write the code. Once you have written a test that fails, you then write the code needed to cause the test to pass. By writing tests first, you … Continue reading Is my code still working?

Updating PowerBI through a single connection

Lately, I have been incorporating more visualizations into the validation and testing phases of analytic development. Most recently, I was working on an analytic to identify GL accounts that are being smoothed. We want to identify when accountants are inappropriately reducing the volatility of an account, presumably because they do not want to explain variances … Continue reading Updating PowerBI through a single connection

The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Internal Control Statistical Models

I call myself a data analyst. My company also calls me a data analyst. But for some time now I have had a nagging feeling of unworthiness of this title because I don't do data analyst things such as regressions and machine learning. In fact, I really don't touch anything resembling statistics in my analytical … Continue reading The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Internal Control Statistical Models